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Dieu du Ciel! Packs

14 Jan 2016 by Leïla Alexandre

For those feeling a little nostalgic, or for those wanting to discover some new and interesting variations on old favourites, our four-pack of Dernière Volonté is now available at the St-Jérôme Brewery for $18.50 including taxes (limit of 2 packs per customer). Keep you eyes open because we have begun distributing these special packs in the province of Quebec and quantities are very limited!

The pack includes four versions of Dernière Volonté, our Belgian IPA. The first one, Dernière Volonté classique, presents a floral and malty nose, with fruity aromas and a powerful bouquet of hops. It has a spicy and slightly boozy flavour. The second bottle, re-fermented with brettanomyces yeast, presents the typically unique flavours that are a hallmark of this wild yeast strain. The third has been aged eleven months in Pinot Noir barrels. This aging process introduces some interesting, slightly tannic and oaky characteristics. Last but definitely not least, there is a bottle of l’Hérétique: a funky blond beer, fermented and matured solely with 100% brettanomyces yeast in barrels of Pinor Noir.

Solstice d’Hiver, our Momentum beer for the month of December, is finally on the shelves! You can find it at your favourite beer retailer, or by visiting our brewery in St-Jérôme. For those who wish to try it on tap, it is currently available at both of our pubs!

This mahogany-tinted winter ale presents complex aromas of fruit, alcohol and hops. It is slightly sweet and boozy to the taste, with hints of burnt caramel. Sharp bitterness is accompanied by deep red fruit flavours, with an abundantly hoppy finish. Cheers!

Dieu Du Ciel! is proud to announce that approximately $64 000 has been raised for Projet Rescousse, an initiative of the Fondation de la faune du Québec, to aid and protect the endangered species of the province.

Since 2011, Dieu Du Ciel! has participated in this initiative by contributing 11 cents to the foundation per bottle of Rescousse sold. These funds are invested in different conservation efforts targeting endangered species such as the Wolverine, Copper redhorse, and Western chorus frog. Please help us continue to make a difference!

Thank you!

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