After 11 months of renovations and expansion, our brewpub reopened on Thursday, July 6, 2023!

The entrance is now located at number 21 Laurier Avenue West, a few meters from the old one.

Please note that minors (under 18) are welcome inside this establishment and on the patio up until 8 pm. They must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Please note that the Montreal brewpub doesn’t take reservations.


Our beer

Beer prices


  • Degustation (4oz)$3.75
  • Mile End (8oz)$5.25
  • Glass (12oz)$6.50
  • Pint (20oz)$8.75
  • Pitcher (60oz)$24.75


  • Degustation (4oz)$3.75
  • Mile End (8oz)$5.75
  • Glass (12oz)$7.25


  • Degustation (4oz)$4.25
  • Mile End (8oz)$6.25
  • Glass (12oz)$7.75

Chemin des Sept

  • Degustation (4oz)$4.5
  • Mile End (8oz)$8
  • Glass (12oz)$10

Our prices exclude taxes.
Our Extra and Special beers are not available in Pint and Pitcher size.

Futs 21 avenue Laurier Ouest

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Montreal Brewpub

21 avenue Laurier Ouest
Montreal, QC H2T 2N2


Opening hours

Mon2 PM - 1 AM

Tue2 PM - 1 AM

Wed2 PM - 1 AM

Thu2 PM - 3 AM

Fri2 PM - 3 AM

Sat1 PM - 3 AM

Sun1 PM - 1 PM

Pub Closed

We are usually closed on most major holidays. Please check our information on Google before visiting!

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