Craft brewery
since 1998

First established on Laurier Avenue in Montreal, Dieu Du Ciel! strives to brew exceptional beers, without compromise, to offer a heady tasting experience. Our second location in Saint-Jérôme produces, bottles and cans some of our finest recipes for distribution at home and abroad.


A new Creation

Bursting with tropical aromas, our brand new juicy NEIPA, is available in June!

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Solstice d'Été Framboise

Our Great Classic is back

Our famous raspberry sour wheat beer is back for the sunny days!

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Solstice d'Été Mangue

The tropical version of Solstice d'Été

Sunset colour and explosive fruity aromas!

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Solstice d'Été 3 Fruits

Brewed with wild berries

The latest addition to the Summer Solstice family, brewed with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

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Our vision

We strive to be an industry reference known for the quality and integrity of our products.

We aim to be an inspiring example of good business management

We desire to showcase skillful brewing practices so that we may contribute to the spread of well-crafted beers throughout the community and beyond.

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Our values

Enlivened by a sense of freedom, Dieu Du Ciel! is at it’s best when it dares create and innovate without restraint.

After - and perhaps despite - many years of success, we wish to remain focussed on our ideas, convictions, and the path ahead. To continue to prioritise excellence and honesty throughout our collective operations. To avoid the pitfalls and dishonest practices of our industry, and to treat our employees and customers as fairly as we can.

We are always striving to improve, a never-ending pursuit of excellence in our products, our services, and our relationships.

Dieu Du Ciel! favours collaboration as a wonderful means of continued education and creativity. It permits an exchange of ideas, reinforces a sense of belonging and contribution throughout, and generates lively relationships between us all.