Our Saint-Jérôme pub will be closed until Wednesday, September 29, so that we can move to our new premises. More details to come!

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Our vision

We aspire to be a standard in the brewing community in terms of the quality and integrity of our products

We aim to become an inspiration and a model when it comes to business management.

We wish emphasize the importance of brewing knowledge in order to contribute to the growth of specialty beers and its community.

Our mission

Having emerged on the scene by brewing audacious beers, Dieu du Ciel! continually seeks to question itself, to experiment and to evolve at all levels.

Motivated by humanist values and ethics, Dieu du Ciel! aims to put people at the centre of its achievements and to prioritize them in all aspects of the business.

Being nonconformists, we strive to act, first and foremost, according to our convictions. This has guided our decisions and our way of working since our inception.

Our values

Audacity:Driven by freedom, Dieu du Ciel! is at its best when it is daring and innovative.

Integrity: Despite our many years of operation and our successes, we wish to remain true to ourselves, our ideas, and our initial convictions. These include, but are not limited to, fostering quality across all of our operations, managing our business honestly, not succumbing to the worst practices in the industry, and treating our employees and customers as fairly as possible.

Refinement: Through constant self-examination and a willingness to excel, Dieu du Ciel! aims for excellence in its beers, services, and dealings with others.

Collaboration: As a method of learning and creating, Dieu du Ciel! wishes to emphasize the importance of collaboration as a means of exchanging ideas, strengthening the sense of belonging, involving people, and generating energizing relationships.

Our employer brand

Respect, communication, initiative, and passion are the essential ingredients of our business.

Our employees are at the heart of our progress. Starting with our established recipes, it is through collaboration that we manage to constantly innovate and expand to new frontiers.

Dieu du Ciel! offers a stimulating and exceptional environment, with a team as unique as its beers.

Our History

From the beginning to today



The story begins in 1991, when Jean-François begins delving into home brewing experiments. He quickly develops a passion for the trade and begins thinking of a brewing as a career.


While working on a Masters in Applied Micro-Biology, Jean-François meets Stephane Ostiguy during a research project at the Armand-Frappier Institute. With the help of a third member who has since left the business, they join entrepreneurial forces to open a brew-pub. Dieu Du Ciel! is born!


After a lengthy search, the team happens upon a promising location at 29 Laurier Avenue West. For eleven months, the partners work ceaselessly in order to prepare the brew-pub for opening. Walls are torn down, part of the floor is ripped apart and the basement is dug out by hand and spade in order to install the brewing equipment.


On the eleventh of September, 1998, Dieu Du Ciel! finally opens its doors, with more than 300 people in attendance.


Moving forward into the new millennium, the brewery is running at full steam with a fast-rising reputation for exceptional brews. The demand greatly exceeds the small Montreal operation’s 800-hectoliter per-year capacity, and so Dieu Du Ciel! decides to open a second location to bottle and export their products. Enter Luc Boivin – an electro-mechanic with impressive home-brewing experience – and Isabelle Charbonneau – an expert in sales, management and marketing – who join themselves to the team and form a new company, Dieu Du Ciel Microbrewery Inc., a new location where the products will be bottled and distributed.


The location of 259 Villemure Street in St-Jerome is chosen for the new venture. A vacant supermarket in the heart of St-Jerome’s downtown area, it is the ideal location for a second base of operation. Work begins in December, 2006 with the team focusing primarily on the installation of the brewery, in order to begin production as quickly as possible. The addition of a tasting room / pub gets underway in August 2007, despite the rather modest budget! The first beers are served in St-Jerome in January 2008.

Luc Boivin takes his leave in order to start a new project brewing in the region of Quebec City.



Today, Dieu Du Ciel! is engaged more than ever in the local community as the demand for its products continues to rise both at home and abroad. In 2015, the microbrewery in St-Jerome increased capacity from 9000 to 13000 hectoliters annually, in an effort to better satisfy a growing band of faithful converts.