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Aphrodite is back!

19 Jan 2022 by Leïla Alexandre

Aphrodite – formally known as Aphrodisiaque – is finally back!
A new name, a new illustration, and a new format, with the same delicious beer!

Why the name change?
As you may or may not be aware, Aphrodite has been distributed under two different names for several years now: Aphrodisiaque (the original name) within Quebec, and Aphrodite in the rest of Canada and elsewhere in the world. The name “Aphrodisiaque” is not permitted when used to commercialize a product in certain Canadian provinces and certain countries. We had to produce two different identities and packaging materials in order to have the beer reach its fans outside our home province. We decided to streamline the process and simplify things by choosing the name accepted everywhere, in all markets: Aphrodite.

Why change the illustration?

A little over a year ago (already!) we updated our brand image. Although we did not change them all, Aphrodite was included in the list of illustrations we wanted to revisit. The representation of the female form used in the original image does not align with our values. A change was needed.

We did not want to completely alienate such a historic piece of Dieu Du Ciel! History, so we decided to try and find a way to change the illustration, while invoking a hint of the past version. We turned to artist Gérard Dubois for the challenge. The collaboration with Gérard was fluid and natural, his work fits effortlessly within the other illustrations of our Great Classics series. We would like to take a moment to present you with some of the artists own words:

– Can you talk about your artistic process? What subjects and concepts inspire you?
I’m not sure if I really have an artistic process. The only thing I can say is that I do a considerable amount of research for each one of my projects. For the rest, it fluctuates from day to day, and it depends on the theme. Same thing for the subjects; I am open to new themes and styles… I enjoy rubbing shoulders with new challenges. It is true however that I am often sought for projects with more serious themes, we could even say dark or depressing… although I also do children’s books that are much lighter.

– What tools and techniques do you use in your work?
For a long time, I worked with acrylic on paper or canvas. A few years ago, I started working more on the computer. All my concepts and research are done by hand, usually with ink. No crayons, I hate them 🙂

– You have a large body of work and you have done many collaborations. Is there a project that you are particularly attached to? If so, why?
My students are often surprised to learn that I made the cover “Dehors Novembre” by les Colocs. At the time, I didn’t realize the importance. I liked their music, and I was supposed to have done the cover for the first album, but it never happened. With hindsight, having worked with Dédé Fortin on this now cult-status album, is a wonderful souvenir. The funny thing is that Dédé liked the concept sketch so much that he wanted it to be used for the final version!

– Why did you decide to collaborate with Dieu Du Ciel!?
My eldest son is a beer fan and he told me, “Wow, Dieu Du Ciel!!!” That’s amazing, they make super good beers!”

Thank you Gérard!

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