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Our latest Creation : Chez Suzanne

29 Sep 2021 by Leïla Alexandre

Our most recent Creation Series beer is being released this week! Chez Suzanne is a 6.5% stout to which we added strawberries and rhubarb during the brewing process. The strawberry aroma is explosive and well balanced by the acidity added by the rhubarb. This beer also has earthy notes followed by malted, chocolatey flavours.

The amazing person behind its illustration is Kezna Dalz, also known as Teenadult; a Montreal based artist. We really wanted you to meet her so we asked her if she could answer the following questions. She kindly accepted!

– Can you tell us more about your artistic approach? What are your favorite subjects?
Without having any clear-cut artistic approach, I work a lot with my feelings. Emotions, representation and self love are my main subjects.

– What was your inspiration for Chez Suzanne?
I wanted to illustrate something comforting, like an aunt you love so much. A strawberry cruising on its bike seemed fun to me. It looks like it’s heading home to make a pie! Haha!

– Why work with DDC!?
I wanted to collaborate with DDC! because I love the brewery. Their illustrations are great and the beers delicious. I always felt a good vibe coming from this brewery. It’s friendly, inviting and I like that a lot.

Thank you for collaborating with us Kezna!

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