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Brand image overhaul

31 Aug 2021 by Leïla Alexandre

When we started thinking about changing our brand image in 2018, we knew it had to be done with respect to our history and values.

Once we decided to go ahead with this project, several challenges were already known. Our logo, which had not evolved for quite some time, included a lot of fine lines making it difficult to identify in a point of sale. We wanted to communicate the brand more boldly, and let it express itself more fully.

The brand also referenced many ancient religious codes on the product labels, including the logo itself. In 2020, we felt increasingly that such associations did not represent us and needed to become much less apparent.

We were also increasingly uncomfortable with certain female tropes included on many of the product labels, which we felt alluded to the objectification of women. Although the illustrations in question were conceived at the time with great care and attention, our collective social understanding of how women ought to be (and not to be) represented in media and communications has evolved. The old labels for products like Aphrodite and Disco Soleil no longer had their place, a change was needed.

Our new logo retains the image of a trumpet, a modification of an element used in the previous logo. The angles and details of the old lettering were modified and adapted to a more contemporary usage. Instead of a brass trumpet we now have a vibrant yellow one, with simplified lines and forms so that the brand may more clearly express the name Dieu Du Ciel!

We also decided to improve the segmentation of our brand by creating clearer, more distinct categories. Each new segment – Classic, Creation, Great Classic, and Reserve – has its own visual signature.

The segment that has evolved the most is the Classic category of products. We worked with Montreal-based artist Thaila Khampo, to our great satisfaction. His vision and personality contributed greatly to the overall design of the Classic category.

After 22 years of operation, it was high time for Dieu Du Ciel! to update its brand image. We wanted to refresh and modernize the visual impact of our products, and better reflect the hard work that goes into our activities.

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